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well now i'm almost motivated enough to do so.

age: 15

hispanic: mexican

fav:pokemon (don't judge me! v:<)family, little newborn babies, newborn animal. japanese song, as america song, like it alot, love manga

birthday: 09/07

gender: female.

hate: people saying bad word, being mean to other people, especially to my friends! (even though that happen to my friend in school. i hate those bullies!)

friend in hatena:

  • fleesveon
  • mac
  • claus
  • toast
  • waffle
  • dark arceus
  • *umbreon*
  • redvap


  • spacepaw
  • spikers
  • dylan
  • zora

friend in my school:

  • stacie
  • alison
  • molly
  • sumi
  • deborah
  • dejah
  • riana
  • katelyn
  • corryn
  • amanda
  • gisel(childhood friend)
  • lauren

some of them i talk with them alot, i really alot of them but i just hang out with my best friends, some others chat their others friend so i won't intirrupt them while they talking to them.

pet: 5 chicken, 2 dog(1 big and 1 small) and 6 fishes

family in the house:6

hobbies: drawing, playing with loy(the small toy poodle.)

ps i say bad words when i'm angry but stacie get use to it when i said the bad words, also that was a suprise to my cousin hearin me sayin the bad words as my parent seeing me drawing as my friend in school saw me all the time drawing other characters


pokemon white version:


friend code:5286-1704-7311.

level:93 going through to 100.