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Hello! I'm Birdy,or my original name,KathrynDel. Anyway,I love Anime,Music,and anything Funny! I laugh really easily, my sister is <3Anna<3 or ^J^Suka^J^. I love Hetalia! Actually,i have Hetalia OCs! I also love the following Animes: Black Butler,Ouran Highschool Hostclub, Sands of Destruction, Baka & Test, Fruits Basket, SoulEater, etc. Wanna do a RP with me? Leave me a comment! Wanna chat with me? Leave a comment,time & Place, I'll come if i can! I support all sexual interests! I'm obsessed with RPing, Anime, And hanging out with my friends and sister. I'm Italian,German,Irish,French, and al that good stuff! I like to write poetry and Fanfictions as much as i like to read them! My favorite Creators are NinkaKitty,Fangirl,and KateBot,all of them are so AWESOME!! My favorite anime characters of all time are...

HatsuHaru,Stein,Giriko,Jusin Law,England,The BTT,Romano,Tamiki,Hikaru, Drocell,Pluto,Ciel,Sebatian,Grell,Toshi,Coda(spelling),Akihisa, and LOTS

more! Bye!