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╚══`.¸my friends & fans.

Hello! My- ok I have many names... Sooo whatever is comfortable.

Ummm... I'm a fun awesome(or at least that's what my friends say) cool chick. I'm very caring and kind hearted no joke. If you need anyone I'll try my very best to the fullest to be there for you! I used to be anime obsessed but I don't watch anime as much as I used to so I just stay being a fan to what anime I've already seen and love. I noticed even though I'm not watching that much anime, I've become more and more of a gamer girl. (xbox360 mostly)

•I had a wii but the wire tore for the sensor thing and idk what happened to the wii remotes so that's sadly crossed out. (I want to play Skyward Sword so badly! T_T)

•I still play PS2 but only for certain games that I cherish. (Ex. KH series and DMC series) Other than that... Yeah. Haha

•Obviously I have a DSi (XL) but I DON'T have a 3DS(waiting until something actually good-in my opinion-comes out which will be later this year I hope. And the only games I really have is... Pokemon. Diamond and Black. And don't bother asking to battle because I'm going to say no. XD

•Sadly, I don't have a PS3. I want one so badly!! ;_;

Last but not least, my lovely Xbox 360. My favorite system lately and maybe always lol I play that more than anything! Note, though, I don't play Call of Duty. Yeah I have them but I choose not to play them. I do play U.MvC3, BlazBlue, Assassins Creed, Left4Dead, Halo... Uh, Sonic games and Devil May Cry 4. <3

I do have a live account but idk if I still have gold. (last time I checked I did still have it) if you want to add me just ask! ;)

Well that's all for now. I'll explain about my O.C.s and stuff later~

Til next time! ;D

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