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bonjour every1! u should n0 who i am by now. diz ya gurl angela a.k.a angie call mii wat cha want cuh-call mii wat cha feel. man i reali wana give ah shoutout2 mii favorite peeps on hatena:ggggina, asia, kawaii cat aka k.c, those r lyke da top3 people i adore on hatena man i wuv den hoes2 death lol. im a total syko gosh. to all d pple who is hatn out der i wana let u no somethin u can hate mii but them bitches cant break me fuh show as i have said bfo.if u wondern i live in texas u dont need2 no exactly where unless we close lyke dat i love me some kute boi im not bi r anything i can be a freak sometimes but when im1 ppl think im a pervert or someden of dat type i aint k so yea i never imagined of lyke getn off of hatena cuz its lyke part uf mi everyday live ya no...oh yea and zero uz ah hoe..a man hoe at dat, u just another despreate white boi dat cant get femalez nd real world n fuck u2 j-beez all yalz a hoe.....oh n did i say i love gina, k.c, and my gurl dude it is lyke a freakn blessn2b able to talk2 them i never reali thought i would be able2 talk2 gina, and k.c cuz i thought they waz concided n shyt dat they aint wana talk to there fans and stuf(i thought gina aint lyke me@first)they r lyke celebrities on flipnote if u ask diz chick her*giggles, laughs* random emotions and all*

heres a little somethin4yall french talkers:vous parlez francais? oul i do. merci bitchez...merci beaucoup lolz:D dames we rock..tu as des projets pour cet ete- just curious lol.II fait chaud over here man..

so what'd think im workn it but i think im pretty good tho. alright well holla excusez mol, ou sont les toilettes LMAOMF