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Wow, a whole space to fill bout me! o_o

Nothing much to say really. I am a Scottish 12 year old girl called Kirsty. Plain yes? SOOOOO many people all over the world called Kirsty. oOo

I don't have Facebook as I am too young. I will get one for my birthday this year maybe because I'll be 13! oSo (lolz face)

I love McFly, Fall Out Boys, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, BLack Veil Brides, One Direction and more. Just discover FOB and they are AWESOME! ^D^

My FLipnotes I make are: Kiki Quiz, How To Draw, Best Friends?, Roxanne's Life (Finished), Jessica's Life, I want to be popular. (coming soon), MVs, Music Flips and quiz entries, series entries etc.o_o

I love Hatena. It is one of my favourite things as I have many great friends out there! oDo!

I have moshi monsters: I am called bramblekiki don't even ask lolzy. I haven't been on for ages, so I probz wont answer friend request, forgot my pass LAWL coz I fail XP

Anywayz g2g, I put mario kart code up soon.

Kirsty ^D^

mario kart code: