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Hi. . . ! Vas 'Appenin? Well, Not Much Too Say. The Name's Ann Marie. But I Have A Shxtty Habit Of Spelling It "Anne Marie." Blame My Father, For Teaching Me The "Gangsta" Way Of Spelling It. Want To Talk To Me In Private? Kik Me At: Kidd_HatesYou. Uhm. . . I'm A Directioner. I Love Hazza, Dj Malik, Boo Bear, LeeYum, &&Nialler c: I Love Perrie, Eleanor, And Danielle(: I Am Mentally Dating One Direction c:

If You Are Going To Comment "Hate" Or "Bully" Me, I Suggest You Don't. I'll Block Your Bum. Easy As That.

I Read Playboy Paul c: Paul Me Maybe?

I'm A Drug Addict. I Take Tomlibacco, Styleroids, Malikjuana, Payne Killers And Horoin. :3

Nothing's Fine, I'm Corn.

Niall And The Potatoes c:

July 23. 2010. 8:22 p.m. Juan Band. Juan Dream. Juan Direction.

Simply Being Mrs. StyPayHoraLikSon :3

Cheese Burgers && Jelly Babies! Verified Niall's Mofo c:

5 Boys. 9 Kidneys. 12 Nipples. One Direction.

Yeah, I'm A Directioner. Got A Problem?

Harry: Haters Gonna Hate.

Niall: Potatoes Gonna Potate.

Zayn: Connecticuts Not A State.

Louis: I Wish I Was Straight.

Liam: No Spoons On My Plate.

The Boys On The Stairs.

From The Bottom Of The Stairs, To The Top Of The Charts(:

Biggest Mistake In Life:

Looking Up One Direction On Google To See Who Was Who, Now I Have The Non- Curable One Direction Infection.

& Then There Must've Been A Time, I Was The Reason For That Smile.

One Direction. Will You Be My Boyfriends? Breath For Yes. Lick Your Elbows For No.

Swag Swag Swag On Lou. Chillin' By The Fire Niall's Eatin' Fondue. Harry Knows About Me, Liam Knows About You. So Say Hello Too DJ Malik In 3 . . . 2 . . . Flick!

Curly Hair Is NOT Just A Hair Style. Carrots Are NOT Just A Vegetable. Spoons Are NOT 'Just A Cultrey'. Ireland Is NOT Just A Country. It's Vas 'Appenin NOT What's Happening. This Is What It's Like To Be A Directioner c: Proud To Be A Directioner ;3

Danielle, I Want Your Boyfriend. Lottie, I Want Your Brother. Anne, I Want Your Son. Bradford, I Want Your Boy. Nando's, I Want Your Lover.

Big Thank You Too, Liam James Payne, For I Am Now Terrified Of Spoons-________-

I Have A Twitter Account, @MyAnthia_Annie Follow Me? Do Me A Favor, Follow My Babe Rachell? Her Twitter Is Lovely__Rachell ^~^ One More Thing, Follow My Wifey? 1DluvsTINY. Follow Her, She's My Babe c:

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