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started a blog just for the Series :D

lets make this bigger and let the world know about A Toad Life Madness haha

with the full episode list of season 1 :D so

check it out and subscribe


!!!!NEW!!!! - Message From KITES: December 22 2011

Hey whats up!

dunno if you know that Swapnote its available for download on the eShop and Since im enjoying it like crazy hahah (you know i really like to Draw) I will start a project named Animal Crossing A Toad Life "Mail Program" where I'll send shorts stories / One Shots and updates about my flipnote Series every Friday :D hopely so i hope you subscribe happy holidays

just send me a message and ill send you my FCR to add you

well thats it for now hope everyone have an awesome Christmas and an even better End Of Year

see you later