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Hi i'm Dei-kun! i am 12 and live in california. I am an obsessive deidara fangirl and have loved naruto since second grade. I love mangas such as pita ten, shugo chara, zombie loan, and of course naruto. I love video games, listening to my itouch, drawing, and playing on my dsi. i have a kitten named bob (yes bob) and live with a younger sister a younger brother and an older 18 year old brother. and my parents. One day when i get to highschool, i am going to Japan with my bff Avery. I love the beach, animals, especially cats, um tv and video games. I am also a vegetarian :)

i love money but cant control it easily because i spend it really fast on naruto merchandise. Oh and manga books. I am a straight a student in 6th grade and is the only one at my school who likes naruto.

umm... and thats it. bye!