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Hello!My name is Katie,and i uh..i uh.. like Anime?

Okay my basic information-

Name?? Katie

Birthday:10/10 (YAY!NARUTO DUO!xD)

Origin:Well im mix like uh.. american,german,russian and ...from malaysia...yah..

Okay uh im 12.I love drawing anime and manga Masashi Kishimoto style with a little hint of my own!~ like writing poetry???Im good @ ELA and i SUCK @ mathxD~ anyways soo yah!

Day I joined hatena:10/25/11

So yah, see yall!(herp-a-derpxD trolololo) and I love crows!Oh! and Im a duelist..//embarassing but WHO CARES xD! I also have a naruto and a KAKASHI OUTFIT YOH~xD

Thats all#