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I changed my name for a couple of, I don't like to use my original name, two, I like to use my personal characters name more, and three I just liked the way it i'm sticking with it

HI ya'll! Hmmmm so what can i tell you about me?....Well let's say that i'm in my teens and live on planet Earth in North America. lol

I recently discovered about Flipnote Hatena, and saw alot of flipnotes and i was awestruck. So I'm doing flipnnotes right now as hobby, and to increase my abilities as a self-taught artist. I hope that someday that my work will pay off in the long run. So I hope you'll enjoy my flips!


Well the trailer to "Refuge" was a success so right now I'm in the process of making the first episode...and well I'm like 10% complete right yeah just wait. Heh I must warn you its gonna be slow in the beginning but its gonna be prove essential for the story line.

Go to this site below, is you like the show "Codename: Kids Next Door" on cartoon network.