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I can't say a lot about myself because honestly there isn't much to tell...

I am:

  • short
  • skinny
  • loving
  • goth
  • emo
  • brown hair
  • brown eyes

I'm kind of tired of being told I'm loved even though I know 100% it's not true. I don't know. If you love me, prove it, if you dont, just leave me alone. I don't care if you don't, because that's your choice, just don't act like you love me and then ditch me for someone else.

So far life has been pretty good, but here lately it seems I'm on a downward spiral. So whatever...I kinda need some good friends...

My favorite color is black and I can't stand the color pink....

If I could I would slap you bishes who hurt me up side your fudgin heads. It might seem like I'm okay on the outside but inside I cringe every time inhear the word love. I hope you people realize what you've done to me and I hope you all get some pretty mean karma in return. I am so angry and hurt right now that I think I'm gone explode. I can't sleep because I'm to upset. Whatever though no one gives a sh!t anyway....

Peace...don't talk to me unless you have plans on not crushing my heart into a million pieces... -_-

No love,