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Heeeeeelllllloooooo its lucky here

heres somethings ppl might wanna know

Name Bailey

Age 10

fav Col. Blue/Red

Fav Food Subway >=D

Fav Creator.... ALL MAH FRIENDS

Best friend... ALL OF DEM!


i... hate my siblings..

BFFITUDE!(only my sis' Amphy, RV, WC would know that)


imma cul person who lieks

to draw... =w=

Angel's story is very heart-breaking but i know you would want to hear it... it all happened when his father came home after drinking a whole bunch. He wore a gun and threatened to kill everyone in the house including Angel, his mom and his lil sis. His father fired at the mom...Angel being close enough jumped in front of the bullet protecting his mother.

When you moved in to the house he knew it was love at first sight. He found out that you two had a lot in common considering music, heart-break, movies, style and personality. Everytime you walk out the door he walks beside you holding your hand...even though he knows you can't feel him. When you feel sad he wrapps you in his arms and kisses you on your forehead. Oh and if there are flying objects when someone is trying to harm you...he's there protecting you. :)

80 years later....

You passed away in Angels arms. You stood towering over your old body. you looked at your now young body, when this time you could feel Angel wrapping his arms around you. You turned to see his face for the first time and fell deeply in love with him. when you both saw the light you both decided not to go into it.

and now i can't tell you what will happen because you will have to choose for yourself your future where i left off

Read all of that, it's from a quiz i took and it made me cry