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Im awkward.

Im mostly mean instead of nice.

I have NO (underline no 50 million times) life.

Hatena is my life.

Im never social in real life only on Hatena.

I love anime. This might sound weird but... I think anime people such as all the beautiful anime dudes are real.

I love manga.

My 2 future Husbands are Max Schneider and Jihu from: Boys over Flowers.

My favorite Bands are: One ok Rock, Hetaloid, Sleeping with sirens, Escape the fate, Pierce the veil. (screamo)

I love my Friends on here!:My Sempai, Brittany, Rachel, Tina, Ichigo and Baka-chan.

I never eat. But sempai! I always do what you tell me! Your really sweet and kind. I LOVE YOU! You too Rachel.

I have so many issues.

I get really sad when my favorite characters die. Its a 3 day process of me crying my eyes out.

I Love doing RP's. There actually my life.

I get sick really easily.

I hate when somebody gets in my face or they will get punched in the face.

I never smile. NEVER.

My Sempai called me cute in glasses.

I seriously blush easily. Ask Sempai.

Im a soon to be voice actor, and im making my own manga. (not on here) I love Edward Elric, Vivi, Roy Mustang, Alex Armstrong, Kurosaki, Ishida, Ichigo, Natsu, Grey, Rin, Zero, Kaname, Kimi Misaki, Riku Nisegawa, Spike, Alphonse, ETC.

Well this was a waste of my time to make. Bai Bai Baka's!