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Hey guys! ^_____^

I'm Cupcake, I'm 14, and I'm here to make flipnote animation-thingies and check out your animation-thingies too, so yay! ^__^

I LOVE-LOVE-L-O-V-E making flipnote animations, it's really fun!! Especially since I'm alive again, I can continue to make more. Even though it's hard work, the support and kindness from you guys really makes it all worthwhile, and thus, I will always try and do my best on all of my flipnotes, for you all. Or is it "all of you"...? Meh. :D

I'm known in the DeviantArt world as DayStar-Soul so be sure to check me out there too:


I'm working on a really big animation right now that's supposed to be based off a comic me and Apple (girl with the bun and bangs in the Discord MV ^0^) came up with. I think I'm going to have to put it up in parts. I think there will be about three or four parts to this so...just be on the lookout, 'kay? ^_^

  • Okay I'm done.-

Now can someone make me a sammich?!


Please make sure it says the creator of the original/spin-off is by "Cupcake" and not someone else. Thankies! ^0^