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First of all. Hai! I'mma SmileyFace :]

My HBFF is Mrs[heart]Payne™ she is a really good friend and she had really good flips! :D ;))

My Hatena friends are:

[Heart]SAJIDA[Heart] She is great :3

A few things 'bout me? :B

D.O.B: 15th September :D

Age: 10 xD

Favourite music :P

I really like Justin Bieber, and bucketloads more just cba to list them all xD

Also I has loads of fav creators but my most fav has to be Kayla oFTo and Elimy and °Jaaaz#.

Lawl no offence to the other I still luv chu ;3

Ermm..Oh yeah..

Add me on

Stardoll: SnowlyStar

ROBLOX: spongeboblover7

Believe it or not....Moshi Monsters (I dont go on it often anymore though xD): nata2

umm...Superbia share code: Giraffe517

Youtube: NinaFameObsessed

^Please check out if you like music and all that stuff :B


Argh I go on such...younger stuff...but then again I am 10 xD