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I can draw almost about everything! Manga,anime,sonic styled-characters,graffiti,animals,chibi,anything! you name it! I love to listen to music and sing! If you have any requests for me to sing a song by Mariah Carey, Beyonce,Shakira, or Lady Gaga, just tell me!!!! I am a Philippina!! I'm a girl; just so u know!!! @;-;;--;-;---<Rose! Oh! And I can also do a little bit of beatboxing!!!!</ppp>

I love music, and especilly drawing!! I love to sleep, and hang with my freindz!! BTW: :)Megan:), is my BFFAFL, which meanz Best Freinds Forever And For Life!!!! Oh no! Watch out for the oommooo! Behind you!! JK!! Muwa!!