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Hello. My name is Lanz Lopez Jr. I am 24 years old and live in Rochester, New York. I can be a bit shy sometimes but not always. I like to draw cartoons, animals and nature. Nintendo is where I grew up! Super Mario is my favorite character, I have been drawing him ever since elementary school! He never gets old for me, I can even do most of his impressions...I also like to have pokemon battles and having epic matches in Brawl! I own a Wii, Gameboy advance, and DSi.I used to have a working Gamecube and N64... so yeah, I have almost every console for Nintendo.I want to be an animator or a video game designer in the future.I love to see impressive animator's work, so i can improve on my own cartoons and animations. I also have made up my own characters, which I plan on copyrighting and putting out into the public someday.Animating here has help me improve a lot on things..mostly understanding how things move and stuff. I'm also an artist, so I do have works that are not just cartoons. I love things that are linear and of a good composition. I also, fall for bright,vibrant colors and a good cartoonish style. Sometimes,I think I'm a kid at heart..but its makes life a lot more fun! Flipnote Hatena has made my dreams come true!