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Hi my name is Leo, I'll be posting MVs and flipnotes on Hatena.

I'm just a cool guy with many ideas and many good friends.

I live on Mexico, and I like play videogames in my Wii or the X-Box360.

My favorite thing on Hatena are the cool MVs that are anywhere specially if they are with my O.C or any Sonic/Mario character.

I only use my Dsi for making flips XD.

I made my O.C based on Jet and Sonic,and the Shadow's stripes and my 1st O.C it supposed to be me but in a cartoon mode dB

Something about me is that I like hearing music and being with my friends and BTW, hey plz don't stole my flips 'cause that makes me feel mad ¬¬

Anyways, I'll be proud of myself if I reach my goal on Hatena.

Thank you guys if you like my flipnotes!