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Liz here!

One can be as strong as they make themselves, so when I start my freshman year I'll do it with my head high, god at my side, and with the most effort I can possibly imagine. I believe in the law of attraction... I think I like science... I've never had a bad grade in it... And I made it on to county level at the science fair... Yet... With all of this... I don't think it's my passion... I love to write!!! Thats my passion!!! I live it! I breath it! It flows through my veins! Yet with all this... I highly Doubt I'll peruse a career in it...Sigh...



Age: I witnessed the civil war... Does that answer this question?

Hobbies: Drawing Drawing AND MORE DRAWING!! Encyclopedia trolling... Knitting, writing, tying flies.

Books:: lovely bones, kraken(informational...) never fall down, how to train your stock horse(informational...) freaks and revolations(this made me cry!), entwined(a bit juevnile... But I love the keeper in the story!)

Manga: Pandora Hearts! plus more!

Anime: Pandora Hearts, Angel Beats!, Toradora! Durarara!! Many more

Animes that freak me out: higurashi, umineko no naku koro ni, school days, deathnote, elfen lied, K-ON, mirai niki, junjou romantica...

Music: It's a beautiful day,Ayane, MuteMath, Dave Brubeck, tears for fears, ladyhawk, Elton John, Gackt (squee!!!) France Gal, Gwen Stephani, others...

Movies: Gone With the Wind, back to the future part three, How the west was won, Interview with the Vampire, My neighbor Totoro, The Cat returns, spirited away, True grit, Devils Own, sword of the stranger.

Writers: Erin Hunter, Louis L'Amoore. More but I can't think of them right now...

Character: Gilbert Nightray! ! ! 'o'

Heiwajima shizuo!!! Your amazing sunshine hair! Your strength and might! The intensity you Emidt! It's unbearable! UNBEARABLE I TELL YOU!! (he's from Durarara!! By the way...)

Things I fancy: my dog, my last remaining horse... Shizuo, family, constancy, free will

Things I wish I could fancy: humans, cooked salmon, and cheesy commercials.

Things I don't fancy: disloyalty, reckless abandon, S+M, giving in to peer pressure, nail biting, jerking, OCD, manipulation through the media...

Things I wish I didn't fancy: dubstep, junk food, black butler... The mameshiba commercials. OC fair commercials...


Bowties Are Wonderful**

There is much to live for in this world

If you took time out of your life to read about mine, thank you!

I post when I can so please forgive me..