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Im A Bad'A$$, I Love to party

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JustCall Mhe Lexii

Im A Bad'A$$, I Love to party

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Hello, I See You Have Reached The Homepage Of Lexii Jayy, a.k.a, Dope'Princess, Before Entering....


(Awesomenesss Levels On Highh)

Ok so heres what you should know about me:

Im 14

I Love Meeting New People :)

Im Nice ( that is until you piss me off then i go into Beast Mode)

I Have a White iPhone 5 which i love to tears

I put family first

My sister on here name is $tripes<3; go add/fav her she cool af! she my R.O.D (Ride or Die) My Best Friendd

~Luvv Yhu Starburstt :)

My Favorite Rapperz/ Singers Aree :

#1. Nicki Minaj (Who did you expect it to be?! she's the greatest rapper in the world!)

#2. 2 Chainz (He Dope :D)

#3. Drake (He On My Dope List Too XD)

#4. Rihanna

#5. Beyonce

#6. Me <3 LOL

#7. Lil' Wayne

#8. Juicy J

#9. Cheif Keef

#10. Wiz Khalifa

~I Have More But Too Long Of a List

Add Me On Facebook : Lexi Love Conner

But tell me (like message or something) first before you add me or ill ignore your request)

Add my sister on Facebook too: Aviane Brinston' (she pretty, dope,#yeam_Riich like mee ;))

And Thats Pretty Much It ;) Hmu.!


Mz.Gorgeous Lex


May 14


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