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This is scout Rainbows make me cry!

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Airi Saule

This is scout Rainbows make me cry!

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I like Transformers, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Portal 1&2, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Assassin's Creed (All of them), Pokemon, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Fallout, Skyrim, Avatar the Last Airbender (Korra and Aang), Sherlock Holmes, Team Fortress 2, Hetalia, Black Butler, Homestuck, and last but not least Minecraft. My favorite color(s) are: Black, Purple, Red, Blue, and Grey. My favorite foods are: Pizza, Watermelon, Strawberries, and last but not least... Pears. I like every type of music, except for Metal. I am very friendly and is willing to talk to anyone who wants too. I love England (Arthur), Russia (Ivan), Grell, and America (Alfred F. Jones), Canada (Matthew), Prussia (Gilbert) Thank you for reading this, and I love you all, my friends/fans. <3

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Airi Saule

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Fallen Angel...Master...Island...Lot of things...

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A Black Impala. 221 B. Karkarge. Huge Manson in the 18th century.


Drawing, Internet, and Singing.... other things....

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I can drink tacos.... Does that count? (P.s. My eyes are lasers)


I made all of the languages, honey.

You know where to find me
A Pencil, Pen and Stylest

Sonic Screwdriver

I am Dean Winchester

You wanna know why? Because I just am.


Who wants to be my sidekick?!

Oh Darling~

Sabastion! Oh Sabastion!~