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10 years old.

A sister and a brother.

Has 2 cats and 1 dog.

real name is Brett

Both parents are living.

Have lost one grandpa.

favorite animal:wolf

info on me:

Ive lived a good life so far and have made a lot of flipnote friends and

fans.I hope that everyone else can do the same

thing as I have done.I have lots of stars,[not to brag]because i am only ranked in

the 1000's.

I do hope that everyone else can have as

much fun on flipnote as I have.

All of you [people who don't have stars get

out there and try to start making some flips.

Please help and expand the Eclipse pack

by Novafire.

please do not steal or star beg,it could ruin your

reputation on flipnote,you could lose friends and maybe be reported.

Have fun and a great time on Flipnote studio and

flipnote hatena.


-Light wolf