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Hi!!!!! Im 14 years old making 15 in April. My name is Aaliyah and I love watching anime and reading manga.

My favorite colors are Red, Blue, Grey, White, Lime green, & Scarlett.

I'm in love with a wonderfull guy he treats me well he makes me laugh, n smile<3 <3 <3 <3. But anyways back to me.... I love to write stories n poems n songs anything that deals with writing.I use to play the piano, n the drums. I use to play the saxophone to n out of all those instruments i think the saxophone is the one i enjoyed the most. I love art. My art is everything to me take it away n I'll be crushed... everyone i know says I have a child like mind idk what they mean I laugh all the time!!! n i think thats it well i hope u enjoy my flipnotes...