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❀❀Name: Lily (or Lilium), リリー, RiRi, (insert real name here)❀❀

❀❀Age: 17❀❀

❀❀About Me:

I love anything Sonic The Hedgehog or Anime related.

Please go to my website to see more of me!! (I don't use it anymore, and there's alot of old stuff)


I read all my comments and appreciate them all!

Please remember to come back every now and then for more of my


Thank you kindly for reading! ^^❀❀

I create my own work and can do whatever I want to it. Unlocking my flips allows people to steal, abuse, and do whatever they want to my work. So, I will never unlock my flips. Lily and other characters in my flips belong to me and me only (along with some friends of mine).

As for comments, please write neatly, use proper English (or Japanese), and do not use slang; I can't understand what you are saying or trying to tell me.