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Name: Soul... a.k.a. Lily

Ideas: thinking of making gifts


My O.C.s

Lily the Demon/Siamese/Ragdoll Cat (F)

Lyn the Vampire/Hedgehog (M)

Shade the Hedgehog (M)

Celestial the Winter Fox (F)

Blood the Hedgehog/Bat (M)

Misa the Wolf (F)

Sensuki the Cat (F)

Yuki the Panda (F)

Ryu the Hedgehog (M)

Miku the Bat (F)

Friend O.C.s

Ice the Cat (F)

Becca Rose the Hedgehog (F)

Suzie the Hedgehog (F)

Haley Prower the Fox (F)

Julie the Bat (F)

Cristal the Cat (F)

Sean the Echidna (M)

Jay the Hedgehog (M)


u know what?

i will always be wandering soul, looking for a person to keep me in their hearts and minds....but it seems that dream will not come true until i am willing to give my life for that person

it seems that only giving a person my love is not enough until my life ends...


I can't smile..he took it. But it doesn't matter because I can still feel the loneliness in matter how hard I try it is still there in my heart...


He came back...but i still cannot smile...but as long as i know he still cares until the time comes for him to forget me...


I came back here to see if any of my friends have forgotten me...some did forget and others still remember me. It makes happy to see that people can still remember a silent little soul...

Good Day,