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I've always loved art, through my whole life. My faimly isn't that artsy though. Drawing is my passion and I love it. I love making stories, and Hatena is the best thing ever. I'm so glad i finally get to share my art with the world. I am so excited that i have fans too, I am so glad i get so much possitive things on my flipnotes comments. And I hope people like my flipnotes, Ty, Liz.

I think Hatena as another life. At least an awesomer one than i really have. Here I can be myself and express myself, when I'm on Hatena and I get a nice comment or some fan art. It just makes my day. I am so happy that I found Hatena, It's amazing to get to show my art to the world. I'm so excited to see all the changes my art goes through, to become a better artist.