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iM a VeRY coOL gIRl sO gET tO knOW mE bEfoRE yOU juDge mE bEYoCheZ!!!!

iM 14 mY b-DayS aPRil 24 yAy!!!! iM HAlF jAPanEse HalF mEXicAN!!!;] LoL i LovE sOCcER iM iN lOve WiTh CHicHARitO dAT sMeXXii bEasT lMaOO!!! o && i LOve nARutO!!! aNOthER thING bEfoRE i LeaVE im EmOO oKK eMOo iS LovE wELL deUceS!!! iM oUT pEacE!!! iF yOU wANNa knOw moRE hmu!!! bEsoS MWaHH!!! 愛♥