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Last Update: Saturday ,February 11 . 2012 .

Name: Valerie

Age: Fourteen

Birthday: September 2 ?

Location: Colombia

Favorite Colors: Purple & Black !

BEST RANK : 1 01/14/12 iiFly guys c: Xoxoo :D

About Me:

? My Favorite Color It's Purple

? I hate sports xD

? My favorite food is.. PIZZA!

? I Speak English & Spanish

? I'm Colombian!

? I'm fourteen years Young, Lmao xD

? I Love Justin Bieber!!! Belieber FOREVER <3!

? I love music, music is my LIFE ????????

★┌─┐ ─┐★

 │?│ /?/


 │? /?/─┬─┐

 │?│?|?│?│ Peace & Love ?





My favorie Singers Are:

Britney Spears

Nicky Minaj

Katy Perry

★ Hayley Williams

☆ Selena Gomez

Avril Lavigne

☆ Bruno Mars

Jennifer Lopez

☆ Ke$ha


☆ Pitbubull

Lady Gaga


& Finally... JUSTIN BIEBER! ? <3 '

Justin Bieber It's Mine He's My Boyfriend It's Just He Don't Know It o.e xD

My crazy friends xD

All★Star Felisha ? Flea

itzSylar Priscila ? Sy

Jessicca (: Jessica Jess

AnneBoo Anne Anne

iiLY Guys c:

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&& I Am So Crazy & dangerous, Hot & Cold, Boy I can make You mind, I Do what I want & I get what i want when I want It, Now I'm confunse. Was this a part of your plan? I Don't really understand. Im gonna win, Boy, Your game is over .

? Kesha & Ashley Tisdale

☆ I love That song It's amazing! C:

In another life I would make you stay, So I Don't have to say.. You Were the one that got away...

? Katy Perry

☆ I Feel something listening this song o.o

Cheerleader && Proud . ;D

I'm Not mean or a bish . So please don't say me that . 'Cause BISH ! That hurts -.-

Haters are gonna hate ...

Mahomies gonna love <3 '

Adios x3

~ Valerie , Call Me Val (: xD

Full name

Valerie Valencia






September 2

Blood type



Nothing xD


San Vicente de Paul

Place of residence

Bogotá, Colombia

Place of birth

Bogotá, Colombia


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English & Spanish


People liked Justin Bieber ♥
Things liked Everything ♥
Drinks liked Coca-Cola ♥
Food liked Pizza
Music liked Rock & Pop
TV Shows liked Two & A Half Men
Sports liked Basketball
Animals liked Lion
Movies liked Twiligth ♥