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This boy came with a reputation of being able to break a girls heart,

Not mine she thought I’m far to smart

At first she didn’t care wouldn’t let him in,

After a while her heart he began to win

She thought she held all the cards and the winning hand,

She would show this boy who was in demand

Confident that she could take him for a fool,

Her ice maiden act began to cool

When she was cold and so aloof,

She had that boy on the hoof

Then that silly girl made the big mistake of beginning to thaw,

how that boy laughed as he knew the score

She didn’t see the slight shift in power,

She didn’t even notice he was approaching his victory hour

Slowly his demands and power began to grow,

Stupid girl has fallen in love and let it show

The first time that he let her go,

She began to feel the fatality of cupid’s bow

She let him get away with more and more,

He could do anything he wanted of that he was sure

She begged him to love her like he did at the start,

Not knowing she was being pushed out of his heart

The more her love grew,

The more the other foot slipped on that shoe

She couldn’t understand why he had adored her when she was so cold,

She didn’t see that this was a story that was ages old

He didn’t look at her with that look of love anymore,

The more she wanted the more he headed for the door

Stu.pid girl can’t you see that your biggest sin,

Was to open your heart and let that boy in?

_ _ _ _ _ _

We were together

Together forever & always we would say

Then you ended it once

Ended it twice

We hung out for one night

One night thats all it took for me to fall for you again

You stop talking to me

Stop smiling at me

Even stopped looking at me

We’re done now

But I still love you

I cry some nights just thinking about you

We’re done now

But am I really over you?

Or is this another game you like to play?

What did I do wrong?

I still love you

_ _ _ _ _ _

Can I be me ;

No matter how much I hide

Like a bird in the sky

Can I fly

To live my day

No matters what others say

Can I be me

Behind the soles of mankind

I laugh in the face of people

Who laugh in a face like mine

Judging me like a fat monster.

Can I be me

I’m not a monster

Behind my eyes

Control me

Be me

Own me

I be my own bestfriend

Me,myself and I

I am me.

_ _ _ _ _ _

How long will it take for you to forget about me

How long will it take before you find some on new

How long?

How long?

I hope you know I’ll never forget about you

You look at me you might see happiness but on the inside I’m dying

I want to see you

I want to hold you

Will I ever get to do that?

Will I ever get to hold your hand?

I guess lonliness runs in my veins

The people I love always reject me or die

How will this end?

How will this end?

_ _ _ _ _ _

I feel like I’m a reject from the world

Seems like all my friends are slowly leaving me

They all have girl friends or some one

But I’m all alone

Just sitting here alone

There is no one here

I havent felt any love for a long time

Do I have no meaning to my life

Is there no end to this pain?

Everyone I’ve loved has rejected me

But no one can see my pain

I try so hard to hide them

Only if you knew

Only if you knew

_ _ _ _ _ _

If I were

To die today

Would anyone care?

Would anyone come

To my funeral?

Would anyone plan one?

Would my parents even notice that I’m gone?

Would my boyfriend

Who I’ve loved so dearly

Ever love again?

Would the preps and the jocks

Miss the kid they’ve made fun of for so long?

If I were

To die today

Would my death

Be on the 6 o clock news?

Would my teachers say how good I was?

Or that I had it coming for me?

Would anyone even notice that I was gone?

I wonder how high this cliff is

With its waves beckoning me to join them forever

No one will miss me





_ _ _ _ _ _

I will send a kiss for every thought of you I have

For every kiss I send there will be a cut on my arm

For every cut there will be a stain of blood on my floor

For every stain a memory that gets me closer to death

So yes I keeping count..

_ _ _ _ _ _

Deep down inside me

I have an urge

To get to know you

For us to merge.

Day by day

Time goes by,

Wasting away

When I want to try.

Try to know you,

and you know me.

But when I see you

I get the bee’s knee’s.

Sounds so corny and cliche,

But I like you in so many ways.

Why can I see you,

But you can’t see me?

Am I someone you would not proceed?

Thinking this

Shatters my world,

I am not the girl you love and twirl.

You are one half and I am the other,

But for some reason we are not mending together.

I want to so badly,

I want it to work

But this cannot happen if we both can’t flirt.

I laugh to keep myself from crying,

I want to know what keeps you from trying.

As time goes by I hope and dream,

That one you and I will become reality.

As for now, you do you,

But always know,

I like you.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Love meh and i will love you </3