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Bonjour, my name is Prince Laharl. This is my profile for the year 2012 and was updated July 3, 2012. Please take note, I'm doing this from my Ipod so I might have a few grammer errors. Out of bad habit I often make the first letter in some words a word capital.

About me~☆

I am a 17 year old male. I'm canadian. I am an easy going, and friendly person, Although I do have a temper. I speak english and a bit of french and very little Spanish. I am an honest person. I love meeting new people. I love to chat. I am an all round artist. I specialize in Realism and Anime, I often fuse them. My weakest skill is drawing chibi art, I am Improving though. I am not the best artist and I am not self obsessed. I'm not an arrogent person. I do believe I'm an ok artist, I hope to do better animations and do better all round. My goals in life are to go to university and become a psycologist. I love helping people and I love respect. I am a total gamer, I am into all game genres except "first person" shooters I'm in to RPG's alot. I am a retired gamer of Pokemon. I know Alot about the Series, Trust me I Kid you not! It's scary. I am a huge fan of Square Enix. I love the Final Fantasy Series. I'm not huge fanatic of Final Fantasy VII only because Final Fantasy VI is better in my opinion (I love Kefka Palazzo and Terra Branford). I am more of a retro gamer, back when breath of fire and zelda ruled the world. I still love every RPG's I've played which is a lot. I love anime and manga but I do not have a favourite, I'm also Agnostic/Christain but I just don't believe all of whats in the bible. I'm still finding my own path. Also for half a year I've been dating my true love. she's also a creator named MickeyXash and she is the love of my life. I love you ashley! *Mega glomps! This Is only little about me I should also inform you I am emotional person. but I'm happy to meet you. If you have a comment I will always respond.

My Likes~☆

Religion(is actually facsinating)




Cute THINGS☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Warm things








Magical things


Quantum physics

And alot more... Like ASHLEY!!

My Dislikes~☆


Fake people



Stereotypical people


Red necks





My Series and O.C~☆

For my series "Secrets of Arcadia"

Xeina Aerohart (I Copyrighted her)

Eclair Tomatiko (Bonjour)

Relevante du Shern


And Prince Zeon Arcadius (which repersents me).

Jadiva Kimonia (a Cold psycho) These are my most popular O.C there are more to come.

My Favourite Creators and Friends~☆

Pokey (One of my closest friends and an awesome sister)

Cypress (buddy)

Quecky (Buddy)

Anna (My Final Fantasy 6 and Retro game buddy)

ChortlinMe (Idol and buddy)

Rin (Len) (My Favorite Creator) (Good Friend)

MickeyXAsh (My Love)

Setsu (Hetena Sister)

Sayuri (Hatena Sister)

Mcwollybob (sorry)

Luckygirl (Hatena sister)

Hulagirl (friend)

Lenesa (Chat buddy)

Deion (Great friend)

XShyX (Newest Friend)

Cosmasque (Mother Figure)(friend)

Shin (Great Friend)

ShayAtmos (My first favorite Creator)

Emily (friend)

Shida (good friend and And a Favorite creator)

Ree-uh (aquintence)

Lazarboy (inspiring artist)

Cicil (best buddy and hatena brother)

DrwrLauren (hatena sister)

X.E.N ( I Miss you!)

Wata ( I Love this guy XD)

XVIII, Miatri, Sweetooth (Amazing Friend and Hatena Sister)

Breakerz (Friend and awesome Creator)

Aura (friend)

Chemical X(Netherlands!!!??)

Kirino (sleepy head)




Fiasco (Newest Friend)

Basically all my friends and my faves. If I left you out I'm sorry and I'll add you. Check these creators out!

Story time ~☆

Eclair: I shall educate you, madamiselle. That size doesn't matter!

Hikari: Your just mad because mine is bigger than yours. Mine is nice and long and beautifuly shaped.

Eclair: well mine is very horn.y. It comes out both ends.

Xeina: Amatures... mine comes in 3 different colors!!

MC: Welcome to this year's hair beauty contest brought to you by taco hair products.


Xeina and Eclair: Fashion, Fashion, Fashion is Everything!!!!

Pokey (pokey's O.C check her out): Oh here we go again *face palms*

Eclair: ah, my darling we are here to make you look sophisticated for the arcadian expo!

Xeina: no eclair, were here to make her look s exy.

Eclair: No, sophisticated!

Xeina: $exy!

Eclair: sophisticated!

Xeina: $exy!

Ecliar: hmmm...

Xeina: hmmm...

Xeina and Eclair: N-aked!!

Pokey: Shut up!!!! I'm tired of this all the time. Fashion this, fashion that. Just put me in a dark Outfit!!

Hikari: *walks in* Or dress like me, $exy and sophisticated...

Xeina: German Pansy got some Class! My rival looks divine!

Eclair: Oh, Hikari my dear You look beautiful!

Pokey: eh.. Still one thing missing *throws taco at Hikari*

Xavior (XVIII's O.c): Hey, I am not supposed to be here, but nice outfit!

Luckygirl(as herself): hey everyone! Hikari, You look amazing and beautiful, friend. (Hugglez) /(^_^)/

Zeon: *nose bl.eed river*

Hey, in case you didn't know I have a channel called (Xeina Cafe). I would love it if you could post there because it's one of the only channel's I look at. You don't have too though but I would be appreciated because That way I can veiw your art easier."Xeina Cafe is a goddess heart beat away" ~Prince Laharl~

Special skills



English, french


To catch my pokemon