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Hi my name is Despina,Desp or QT-DespTH♥. I'm 13 years old and i live in Greece. I like to draw on Flipnote Studio and on paper and i also love meeting new people. I also remember some creators from Flipnote Hatena which i'm a HUGE FANTARD of them so it's true

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Hi my name is Despina,Desp or QT-DespTH♥. I'm 13 years old and i live in Greece. I like to draw on Flipnote Studio and on paper and i also love meeting new people. I also remember some creators from Flipnote Hatena which i'm a HUGE FANTARD of them so it's true

Self introduction

I'm sorry for being banned and out of DeviantART.It's because I was still an underage user so I was still 12 years old by a supporter from DeviantART which was told me this reason already. I also have to say that i'm sorry for being a stealer as I was so immature like 100%.So I've changed as the weeks,the days and the months we're flyed away.You know... "PenelopetheHedgehog"was my fake DeviantART account as I was accessed so long time ago as I was still immature but i'm not anymore.I will not sit a reguest for taking this account back because it's fake and it stills.The only true DeviantART accounts I have are"DespoinatheHedgehog"(Which was suspended because of being an underage user as i was still 12)and "WickyGirlOfPouts"(Which was Deactived by DeviantART because of being an underage user as I was still 12).

I also have to thank Yasu-Kun and Karu.Because their advice helped me a lot in the past so that made me change a lot.So I still thank them so much as they are my key-pals.

Now my DeviantART story:

Well everything was started one year ago... It was started from the last July of 2013... it was a night... when I visited the DeviantART page of my friend Pénélope which she's known as :iconpenelope63: ... I got really crazy about creating an account in this site... which is known as DeviantART... I was really wanted to create an account on DeviantART... I was just created an all fake account... I was with the username DespoinatheHedgehog... but this account was created by me and of course I was 12 years old then... I was always publishing pictures that weren't mine until that day... when I came out to meet with :iconshiro-tantei: ... I had a big fight with her because of my stupid ways on using DeviantART... I was really immature and I really made a big mistake...

Then it was a late night once again... after my Anniversary celebration... which I found out that my account was Suspended for 52 weeks... I really got crazy about it and I got really sad but then with Karu... we we're still enemies though our fights that we had as I was still immature and acting really childish... I was really stole my best friend's old drawings, Albums and pictures from games as well...

Two months later, (Yes it was Octomber then) I was really got crazy again and created another fake account which was with the username "PenelopetheHedgehog" :iconpenelopethehedgehog: but then Karu found out really fast and started reporting me in my fake account... I was acting like I'm another girl from Greece and I was trying again to steal again... some minutes later...my fake account was banned as I was still having it opened... then I really got mad and made reports about why I got banned and after I got a ticked from the supporters I just decided to leave DeviantART until I turn 13 because If I make another mistake I'll never have another chances to return. So I left it for a long time...

So after I left DeviantART I was trying to stay away from this site and then I was making lots of drawings to post them on my Hatena Blog and make Yasu-Kun :iconkatsuroyasu: to see them and tell to Karu about that... It was a thing which I was doing for some time but whatever...

After all these... 7 months have passed... and I was in the last week of the month April before we have reached the first week of the month May... I wasn't holden up of being out of DeviantART anymore so I made another fake account which was with the username WickyGirlOfPouts :iconwickygirlofpouts: but no one found it out... I was publishing my drawings and some photos of mine which I taken from my DSi since it was also a late night when I done this... then from the next day I logged in the account and I found out that it was banned too... and I was really got sad and mad about this and then I decided that I don't need to do things like this ever again because I'll damage my chances to return... then I tried to hold on for two more weeks until I was reaching my birthday...

When I was finally reached my 13th (which was 7 months ago) I finally found a chance to create a new account on DeviantART bit with my real personality (real year when I was born, real name ect.) and then the DeviantART supporters we're changed the number of my age from 12 to 13 and I was really happy because I came back to DevintART. Then, it was the night of my 13th Birthday and I wroten a Journal Entry with the title "Happy 13th Birthday to my self" and yes... then I was started publish all my drawings which I never posted on here since I was banned for a long time... I was spended all my time for posting my drawings until my account got banned again though the midnight of the day Monday (after my Birthday)... I cried a lot about it because I thought that my quest was ended though my Birthday... but it wasn't as I was imagined it... in the morning while I was waiting the time for me to to go to the bus stop with my older brother, I was in the kitchen and I reached DeviantART from my mother's laptop and I logged in my account again to support the DeviantART supporters and tell them about my age limits since I turned 13 now though the next day... after school, I reached my DeviantART account from my mother's laptop again and I found out that my current account with the username QT-DespTH (yeah it's the account that I use now and of cpurse I'm talking for this though all of this time) :iconqt-despth: wasn't banned anymore and that made me happy a lot... then I also found out that my 3 old accounts also we'rent banned anymore and I was really surprised and of course I wrote a Journal about it. Then I just decided to abandon my 3 old accounts and continue on posting my drawings in this account. Then I was posting all of my tranditional and digital drawings for 5 days though the hours I was spended a lot... when I finished on posting in the 5th day, I was keeping my promise to continue my work on drawing and posting them in here... then I was saying that I'm back to DeviantART and my quest has over!

That's all about my DeviantART story... I know it sounds crazy but it happened just like this... so bye!

So yeah I know now this memories withing the Story of my DeviantART are belong to the past.I'm glad that I'm matured and I'm also glad that I'm an artist too.So I hope you will like all of my drawings that I post on DeviantART and Sudomemo.

Now here are the infos of the sites which I'm in:

My DeviantART: QT-DespTH http://qt-despth.deviantart.com

My Sudomemo: http://www.sudomemo.net/user/93855230F364CC7C@DSi because yes QT-DespTH💜 is my username.

My Miiverse(3DS version): QT-DespTH

My YouTube Channel account: LoretaRosy63 Animations

My Instagram: Despina64 (lovekiller66)

My Tumblr: QT-BloomThePrincessOfDomino

My Facebook: Despoina Zapanty

That's all.

Full name

Despina Zapanty






11 May

Blood type

Vampire blood and human blood.


I'm not a stealer anymore.


Boring,and a BIG HELL with a HOLY SHIT

Place of birth



Taking photos,Drawing,writing stories,listening to music,designing stuff for my characters and creating characters.

Special skills

The Speed Of Sound, drawing, killing people, being a ghost, being evil, disappearing and reappearing all the time and laughing evily.


Greek and English.