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Hello Howdy Aloha Olla Hi Sup Bongure and Neaha to all ya'll there on the other side of the screen!(yes I know I spelled like all that wrong but there's more where that came from) I'm AceCreater and this is my Creator's Room. Here Awesomeness and Me go hand in hand. Your dreams will come true here. There are gumdrops, rainbows, love, hope, peace, non judgment, and happines and support. But there will also be truth of this world, fear, sadness, preaching of the truth and a bit o bl00d but that's part of life and we must learn to exsept it and I exsept it by drawing it! I'm Christian and I will never leave my Lord but I have many friends in the real world who arn't so you ALLLLLLLL are exsepted! Hope you enjoy fan, comment, star, and more I make MV's, Icon's, LoL's, Chains, and basicly anything else you can think of! I like requests and collabs though I've only been in one collab and I'm working on it now! But I can learn. We will be best friends! If you scroll down there's TONS of more info so help yo-self to it and God Bless and keep rock'n!

Cory Journey Through Time:

Episode 1-Posted

Episode 2-Posted

Episode 3-Posted

Episode 4-Posted

Episode 5-1% Done

Episode 6-Not Started

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Hi I'm AceCreater but I like to be called Ace, Acey(if your a close friend/fan), Creater, AC. I love music MV's are my thing I guess -w- I'm a 14 year old girl who loves Rock, a bit of Pop, and Tecno. I'm a YouTubing, Sonic Watching, Pokemon Playing, Beyblade Battling, Cartoon Drawing, Music Making, Animal Jammering(?), Sporty Playing, Flip Making, Animal Loving kid. Well I have one request and it's that you pray for me I'm going through some hard times Thanks

God Bless I'm Always Praying For You


I just started a contest plz enter I can't wait to see all the entries!!! RIP to those who died in the Boston Bombing and my heart and prayers go out to those who are hurt and need amp.utaions plz pray for them!


Likes: God, Pokemon, Sonic, BeyBlade, My Little Pony, My Fanz, Making Flips, A Good Book, Power Puff Girls, Gravity Falls, Music, Jessie, Austin and Ally, Sports, Animals, Food, Art, Jokes, Riddles, Having My Mind Blown, Friends, Trust, Writing, YouTube.

Dislikes: Yu-Gi-O (no offence to those who like it just doesn't intrest me), False Reporters, Cussing, War, Hate, Fights, Being Sick, Harry Poter, Twilight ,Hunger Games(it was ok but I have one thing to say GAIL FOREVER!!!) People Making Fun Of My Religion, People Making Fun of Me Cause I'm Homeschooled.


Favorite Bands: Skillet ,Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Red, Nickelback, Decyfer Down, The Museum, The All American Rejects, Apocalyptica, Rise Against, There For Tomorrow, Sum 41, ItaloBrother, BassHunter, Austin Moon, Bruno Mars, TobyMac, Owl City, The Ready Set.

Favorite Pokemon: Lucario, Riolu, Umbreon, Flareon, Leafeon, Espeon, Glaceon, Galade, Luxio, Absol, Lugia, Bulbassaur, Wartortle, Persian, Mew, Chikorita, Typhlosion, Shuckle ,Houndour, Smeargle, Treecko, Blaziken, Mudkip, Poochyena, Skitty, Sableye, Mawile, Manectric, Flygon, Zangoose, Regice, Latios, Tortarra, Staraptor, Roserade, Buizel, Glameow, Mime Jr, Garchomp ,Croagunk, Togekiss, Frostlass, Arceus, Samurott, Excadrill, Maractus, Scraggy, Yamask, Zorua, Mienfoo, Snivy.

Favorite Sonic Characters: Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Jet, Scourge, Nazo, Manic, Espio, Tikal, Cosmo, Cream, NICOLE.

Favorite Beyblade Characters: Khyoya, Sufasia (I'm sorry if I've spelled any of there names wrong)

Favorite MLP: Rainbow Dash, Cranky Doodle Donkey, Cheerelee, Apple Jack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Skootaloo

___________________________________________________________________My Sonic Characters (all characters are senterd around Cory)

Cory: pronounced=Cory - good(was bad) - My personal character

Greg: pronounced=Greg - playboy - nuterial w/ Cory

Tanya: pronounced=Ton-ya - good for the most part - hasen't met Cory

Sharlet: pronounced=Sharlet - good - friends w/ Cory

Rex: pronounced=Rex - good - friends w/ Cory

Shock: pronounced=Shock - good - good friends w/ Cory

Snake: pronounced=Snake - good - friends w/ Cory

Tifney: pronounced=Tif-knee - bratty-ish but good - nuterial w/ Cory

Spike: pronounced=Spike - trouble maker - like a little brother

Scerge: pronounced=Scourge - very good - best friends since 5

Flare: pronounced=Flare - good - friends w/ Cory can get on her nerves

Splash: pronounced=Splash - good - friends w/ Cory

Strike: pronounced=Shock - good - good friends w/ Cory

Floria: pronounced=Floria - good - jelous of Cory looks up to Cory

Kenny: pronounced=Kenny - good - good friends w/ Cory

Yama: pronounced=Yam-uh - good - hasen't met Cory yet (Has met Scerge friends w/ Scerge)

Sharmaria: pronounced=Shar-mar-a - good sometimes has to steel to get food - hasen't met Cory (has met Scerge good friends w/ Scerge)

Crozs: pronounced=Cro-z(the s is sighlent) - good - good friends w/ Cory

Miya: pronounced=My-a - good sometimes bad - friends w/ Cory

Shink: pronounced=Shink - very good - good friends w/ Cory

Saturn: pronounced=Saturn - good - hasen't met Cory yet

Mars: pronounced=Mars - good - hasen't met Cory yet

Shard: pronounced=Shard - bad in a petty gang - hated by Cory he likes her (puppy love)

Slam: pronounced=Slam - bad in a petty gang - hated by Cory hates Cory back

Promp: pronounced=Promp - bad in a petty gang - hated by Cory he likes to get on her nerves

Sheamearia: pronounced=Sh-e-m-eer-a - good innosent - friends w/ Cory (travels with Scerge)

Pear(Pea-ar): pronounced=Pea-air - evil - hated by Cory he loves her

Mi-yi-ya: pronounced=Mi-yie-yeah - is innosent but loves Pear so stays w/ him - Cory doens't know much about her so she doesn't like her

Ground: pronounced=Ground - EVIL - Cory HATES him

Tal: pronounced= Tal - does evil but isn't really - Cory hasen't met her yet

Flank: pronounced=Flank - VERY good fights for his country - hasen't met Cory yet

Trixs(Trixy): pronounced=Trixs - good VERY innosent - hasen't met Cory yet

Shilver: pronounced=Shil-ver - good - hasen't met Cory yet (Silvers long lost little brother)

Maria: pronounced=Maria - good adventureus - was like a daughter to Cory

Andrew: pronounced=Andrew - evil - Cory hates him but for some reason still wants to be his friend

Ava: pronounced=Ava - good stubern - Cory deals w/ her she doesn't like listening to Cory's advise

Mathew: pronounced=Mathew - good - good friends with Cory (he's a pop star more poular than JB)

Mary Rose: pronounced=Mary Rose - good but has made bad choices - Cory has heard of her (because she's a minorly fameius pop star) but hasen't met her

Anatos(Greek for death) pronounced=Ana-tose - good and evil was made by Eggman w/ Andrew's help to destroy Cory and is always switching from good and evil - hasen't been used on Cory yet

MiroX7(Mira): pronounced=Mear-oh-X7 - good - Likes Cory (because Cory made her was made to teach Anatos how to love but was only supose to last a month but Anatos begged Cory to bing her back when she shut down)

Mike: pronounced=Mike - good hero - Cory's father

Arinia: pronounced=Are-ean-a - good hero - Cory's mother

Stewrt: pronounced=St-er-w-t - good VERY inocent - friends w/ Cory (was a little boy Knuckles met they became the greatest of friends but Stewrt died when he was 8 of a horrible skin desease)

Buster: pronounced=Buster - was a bully now good - once bullied Cory and now is friends w/ her

Holly: pronounced=Holly - good sometimes crazy - hasen't met Cory yet

Pearce: pronounced=Slash - party animal but good - hasen't met Cory yet

Jaymin: pronounced=Jay-min - good helped Cory when she was on her own - good friends w/ Cory

Jake: pronounced=Jake - good likes to take charge not usally bossy - friends w/ Cory

Josh: pronounced=Josh - good goofy but can be serious - friends w/ Cory

Lofty: pronounced=Loft-ee - good and bad doesn't like other boys or Rouge - hasen't met Cory yet

Gyro: Steel Wisp - small exsplosions go off at his core while he shoots small balls of steel. Good for boss fights

Flower: Perfume Whip Wisp - Spins while her arms and hair spins like a helocopter allowing her to fly she also lets off a sweet fragrence which lets her controle enimies (if she's in the air she can controle enimies in the air if she's close t othe ground she controles enimies on the ground)

Spike: The Sharp Wisp - Shoots spikes then the spikes send electricity to Spike to send him flying at light speed while he's shooting spikes rapidly

My Animal Characters:

Cory: My personal wolf

Jeffrey: Cory's best friend

Spanky: A little fox that gets on Cory's nerves but looks up to her

Pietry: A little puppy Cory and Jeffrey found abandoned and take care of

Jackey: A jackel that is always mean to Cory and has a crush Jeffrey

Cross(he has no background so I can use him whenever I want)

Leon(my villian with no background so I can use whenever I wish)

Mike: The BIGGEST MJ fan eva

The Foxes: Two cute twin foxes (max and maree) just total adorable cuties (no real background exsept that there mom was never found)

Yamaka/Skull: Yamaka is a wolf with a charm that allows him to have great phychic powers. Skull is his evil form that is nothing but a skeleton this form strengthens his phychic powers

Owletta: One of the three wise ones his greatest power is wisdom

Leonarga: One of the three wise ones his greatest power is strenght

Gabela: One of the three wise ones her greatest power is bravery

Hayouki: A hyiena that becomes friends with Yamaka but works for Cobrana because her town was destroyed by him

Cobrana: An evil cobra that destroyes cities and is working on destroying the world

MoonRise: The mirror Yamaka wh owants to destroy the world and Yamaka

Freedom: One of the many Spirt bats who are destand to save the world from Cobrana, Freedom is the bat of broken hearts and will apear and comfort you if you have had your heart broken

My Pokemon Characters:

Lucustio: The pokemon incharge of "Foreveral Forest"

Lopany: Lucustio's wife incharge of solving arguments in "Foreveral Forest"

Lucardio: Lucustio and Lopany's son who is next in line to take care of "Foreveral Forest" but wants more than just the forest and wishes to exsplore the world

Zangoose: The evil Zangoose who wishes to kill Lucustio

Zangong: Zangooses son who's mission in life is to destroy Lucardio but ends up becoming his friend

Ringlu: An evil Riolu who likes to hurt people and wants to create destruction and someday rule the world

Cole: A adventurous Smeargle thats unknown to the C.I.A.

Molly: A Mawile that works with Cole who is known to the C.I.A. but has gone underground so to speak

Ryan: A Riolu with amazing aura powers from the help of his gloves

Drew: A Sandstrew that guirds a magic staff that has amazing powers

My Chao Characters:

Patreate: My new personal character

Margret: My old personal character now just a friend of Patreate's

Logan: Patreates best friend

Chumly: A friend of Margrets who was introduced to Patreate (hes the funniest)

Jacob: Patreate's brother likes tinkering

Charmley: The cutest thing in the world

Stick Figures:

Croc: Cool, swift, and a good singing voice(sings like the guy who sings "Tonights Gonna Be A Good Night)

Sharlet: Sweet, kind, loving, and a pretty singing voice(sings like the girl who sings "Halo")

Guy: Sleek, Swaggy(?), Good under preshure, great DJ amazing rapper(raps like the guy in "Break Your Heart")

Dog: Guy's pet who can talk, Funny, Kind, and has a crush on Princess back up sings(like when your listening to a song and they ye'll "yeah" or "oooooh")

Princess: Funky, Attitude, Tough at times, has a crush on Croc but since Crocs with Sharlet Princess is starting to crush on Guy(confused yet? XD) beautiful singing voice(sings like the girl who sings "Bring Me To Life")

$wag: His name says it all (one of my fans)

My Little Pony:

Red Night(me): A pony that Nightmare created with the DNA of all 5 pony friends her own DNA and evil she was created to destroy ponyville but ended up being there friends after saving them from her own destruction she finally got her real cuttie mark and now she's a super hero for all of ponyville.

Curly Top: A little pony (possable related to Carrot Top but is Chearelee's adopted "daughter") one day durning school Red Night swooped down and stole her and she lived with her for about a year(Red Night took her durning her period of trying to become good she was lonely and wanted a friend to talk to) Now Curly Top looks up to Red Night and will often spend weekends at her house.


Mandric: An anime character who likes sports, exersize, and working out.

Charlie: A potty mouth guy who can be smart at times and is nice but can sometimes go off his goal in life is to photograph Slender Man

Troll: A long haired guy who isn't very smart (he has his moments) and is really nice and rarely will blow his top his goal in life is to k!ss Justin Timberlake XD

Misc Characters:

Apollo: An evil pumkin that trancforms into his human like form every half moon.

Dragonara: A fierce dragon who loves gold and any other riches and he is suprisingly a great singer. ___________________________________________________________________

Check Me Out On:

Animal Jam > Screen Name: AceJammer4 > Wolfs Name > Daredevil ArcticWolf > Seals Name > Scooter RockySeal

YouTube > AceMovieMaker1

Disney Create > ACECREATER

Bearville > CoryMusicMaker4

PetPetPark(don't visit much cuz its just gett'n worse) > pachiepachie > aura_master_lucario

Skillet's Official Website > Ultimate_Panhead_Ace

(incase you can't tell I love the name Ace)



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These memories mean so much to me and if I was to make them with anyone it would be you guyz thank you so much <3

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