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Allo, I'm Maddie! I'm a pretty laid back gal and nothing can get me angry :D (unless ya' know, you do the most uber super fantastic that's not very fantastic at all baddest baddie mean horrid thing in the entire universe...then I may get upset)


I draw Russia way too much and I have an addiction to sweet tea.

I make stupid flipnotes that have no meaning whatsoever usually consisting of mostly Hetalia and my lame characters. BADABOOM.

I'm usually on tumblr, like, 24/7 and I'm a huuge procrastinator (I spelled that right, right?)

I'mma Christian I'll tell ya' that! Yup yup yup! Gotta love God's word, ahaha~ ^ FT^

Welp. I got nothin' else to say here. So.

Hasta la vista, baby!

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