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Hello, my name is Jeanie! I am a girl who loves Raichu and Luigi. I aspire to become a professional cartoonist and drawer, and if not, be a scientist. My favorite color is green, and here is a list of what I like and dislike:

Likes: Swimming, drawing, going on Deviantart, hanging out with friends, going on Hatena, Pokemon, Astronomy, Zelda, Nintendo, sushi, spaghetti, BBQ ribs, cats, etc can't keep track.

Dislikes: Haters, bullies, star beggars, scammers, thieves, chores, Sonic (sorry Sonic! XD) gushy Manga, pr0n artists, lol can't keep track.

Friends and family on Hatena:

DarkRaichu(big bro)

Javelin(big sis)

Shad0wf0x(mama XD)


BlueMoon (I hope)

Striker(I hope)

Jinny (<3)

SagaLink:](I hope)


LolBunny(I hope)


Mellow(I hope)

Dwindle(I hope)

Cello(I hope)

Let me know if I forgot chu! XD

My main OCs (Original Characters)

J: The most commonly seen in flips. She is the character I use to represent myself. She has no cheek pads, and has triangle markings on her paws and feet. Her tail is a triangle too.

Ray: Raichu, Usually the perverted one in the group with a spiked heart shaped tail symbol.

Alexia: Pikachu, ears are always down, usually has a scowl on her face. No nose or cheeks, has a voice like GlaDoS.

Sam: Raichu, has the most bizarre markings in the group. Four-spiked ear, scarred left eye, almost completely black arms.

Delilah:Fakemon, Soraeon, has large blue wings and flat rectangle ears, tuft of fur on chest, odd tail.

Well, that's just about it. Hope to be your friend someday too, see you soon!