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Hey ppl! Luna here! I'm on hatena because i want to show my art to ppl and ya know show what i can do! (lol im bad at explaining things)Some of the people on hatena that inspire me the most to do my best are, sammi bat, reina wolf, soprano, a.carmine,CF hero, Mist Night, Cf c 2012, Neon wolf, and many more! I really like ramen noodles (lol), and most of all drawing! I really got into drawing sonic characters once my bffl (sammi bat) Inspired me to go on flipnotes. well yeah so thats all i guess! :)




hey guys its me again with a some of my O.C's!

Celest the butterfly

Luna the wolf

Crest the wolf

Meka the arctic fox

Alison the hedgehog

Dexter the hedgehog

Venus serenity

Rikki the raccoon

Gaby the fox

Nexis the bat

Detrix the hedgehog

Axel the hedgehog

Sugar the bee

Zee the zebra

Night star (star) the fox

Aero the hedgehog

Angie the hedgehog

Cherry the cat

Heidi the hedehog

Leeta the hedgehog

Lightning the echinda

Rose the cat

Janet the hedgehog

Shimmer the Bat

Frost the Wolf

Aaron the Hedgehog

Jayce the Persian cat

Aubrey the Cat

and etc! wow thats alot i cannot even count! XD