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Konichiwa! My name is Destinee, but you all may call me by my nickname, Dest! And I have made a list of every single thing that is dear to my heart. NOT!!! LOL,but here is some info on me!






Tie for number 1 fave band:

Linkin Park & Maroon 5

Top 10 Fave Linkin Park Songs:

10: "Hands Held High"

9: "With You"

8: "Easier To Run"

7: "Little Things Give You Away"

6: "Faint"

5: "Somewhere I Belong"

4: "Numb"

3: "Valentine's Day"

2: "Leave Out All The Rest"

1: "Shadow Of The Day"

Top 10 Fave Maroon 5 Songs:

10: "Kiwi"

9: "Stutter"

8: "Won't Go Home Without You"

7: "Never Gonna Leave This Bed"

6: "She Will Be Loved"

5: "This Love"

4: "Harder To Breathe"

3: "Payphone"

2: "One More Night"

1: "No Curtain Call"


Top 4 Fave Horror (and gorey) Movies:

4: Paranormal Activity 1

3: Paranormal Activity 2

2: The Devil Inside

1: Saw 7: The Final Chapter

(Ok... the reason I like Saw 7 is because Chester is in it, but he gets his back glued to the driver's seat and ripped out... TT^TT)

So yeah... not much else... :) Sianara!