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Thanks for clicking on my profile, you will mostly find comedy flipnotes here because that is my favorite kind to make! Be sure and check the people in my favorite creators and to comment my work, I enjoy receiving outside tips and suggestions. Thanks! M.H

For anybody who does not know yet I have left Hatena. There are a couple of reasons which I will mention. First is that I have purchased a 3ds and I am selling my dsi so I would'nt be surprised that in a couple of months you will probably see a different user name and find yourself off my favs list or have weird comments on your FN. Secondly... I have Not be pleased at all with Hatenas service. People posting innapropriate things that people report but they will not get removed. False reporting, stealers... I know its a big website and Hatena has done a pretty good job at keeping it clean, but I could name off lists of stuff that should never had happened. Thirdly I'm 17 and going to college in a year so I'm not really going to have time to mess around with video games anymore. Having said all that I hope all of my pals on here have a great time while Hatena is still going, and I wish the best of luck to all you guy's you were the ones that keep me going and giving me the motivation to post stuff! Thanks again! M.H