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hey,it's blue can you add me?all my fans disappeared i only have like 7 i used to have 56

My goals:

be able to make you guys a 100+ AMV

Get alot of stars from people

to get better at drawing&animation

my friends are:

Wolfa(whoot!you go gurl!)


Lauren/Guitar inu(my homie!)

Soul(^w^ you need to get on more often!)

D Bomb Wolf('sup?lolz ttyl)

Sonic(i <3 rping with you!)

EmoDinoFox(lol go cousin!)

Kuya(what's happened to you?)

DixieWolf(pending.I LOVE YOUR ART AND HOW ALL YOUR OC'S ARE SO CREATIVE!!!hope we can be friends!)

Mikel fox(you don't get on much >w<)

and so many more!

help me get them fans!


:the punk wolf of fame