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Hi,i'm Cyber Wolf.I'm a creator here and i love making Flipnotes and talking with my friends.I've loved drawing since i was young and it's my passion now.I also love wolves,Pokemon and Anime.So let me tell you a bit about myself ;3

Name: Cathrine

Age: 12

Favorite animal: Wolves and horses

Favorite game: Pokemon,mario,eny games with animals.

Favourite movie: horrors,Lion king,all Pokemon movies,Bambi,stuff like that.

Favourite bands: Skillet,Skrillex,Three Days Grace,Hollywood Undead <3 and escape the fate.

Favourite song: there songs ^ ^ ^ ^

Ok now for my awesome friends in a random order:



SenimaSan- <3

Kuro dragon-





DNA wolf-

Kibi wolf-

Furry wolf-

Dark wolf-



El diabla-

Your all so talented and awesome!


Sky Wolves

My charas:


Gender: Female

Species: Mexican Wolf

My main wolf chara.She has stripes on her face,

black ears,A red eye,and grey markings on all her paws.

The markings are higher on her back paws.


Gender: male

Species: Red wolf

He is my second wolf chara.

He has dark grey running from his muzzle to his belly.

he has black on the tips of his toes and on the tip of his tail.

He also has a crush on WildFire (despite her rejecting him).


Gender: female

Species: Wolf Cat

Junebug is a small,white Wolf Cat who has a blue,crescent moon on her forehead.

She also has blue bands on her arms and feet and a ring on her tail.

Her signature item is her blue cape which was given to her by tobie.


Gender: male

Species: Wolf cat

Tobie is a brown wolf cat.

he has 2 metal triangle-like patterns under his eyes.

He also has metal bands around his tail and feet


He used to love junebug but she said they should stay friends to which he agreed.

So that's all my charas i really think i should make more but i have no ideas.

I would like to give my charas evil sides but it seems Cliché :/

Enyway, these are my current goals:

400000 stars.

400 fans.


I am a pegisister i love mlp o.o

I also love Wolf's rain which is a anime about wolves.

And i love cookies :3


Nothing much more to say

except sorry for the lack of flipnotes recantly im very ill at the moment.

Ill post a MV as soon as i'm feeling better probely a friend MV for my amazing buddies.

So yeah bye guys! sincerly CW-