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!*!Hatena Gazette!*!

Popular Scams

There's a new scam with about 200,000 stars about an email from Nintendo saying that if his flip (which didn't exist at the time,(or ever)) got 4,000,000 stars, Nintendo would make Youtube for DSi.

1.Rumor is, Nintendo already is making DSi-Tube(Likely with a different name due to copyright)

2.Hatena was likely made as a substitute for YouTube, here's evidence:

Identical Features

Comments Videos/Flipnotes Favourite/Subscribe Stars/Thumbs Up


OK, I've got reported twice(One, I don't mind, but there was nothing wrong with the second one) so if it happens again I'll be forced off Hatena! Go report someone else who actually DESERVES to be punished!

!!!ATTENTION!!! About my 2 flipnotes saying that if you favourite me I'll favourie you.

Please leave a comment on that video to let me know thats why you favourited me. You must also have at least one half decent flipnote, so that means I don't favourite every noob on Hatena beacause the're nice.

Total Stars Needed for flipnotes:

Posted - Available to watch (P)

Achieved - correct amount of stars, still making the flipnote (A)

N/A - Not Achieved therefore no flipnote

2000* - Riddle Series 1-10 - Posted & Posting 1 every day

3000* - Winter Olympic Bombing - Posted

4000* - Riddle Series 11-20 - Achieved

4750* - Taking Requests - Achieved

6000* - Random Flipnotes - Posted & Posting

More Coming Soon!


Name: Stephen

Age: 12

Country: Northern Ireland

Fav Game: Smash Bros. Brawl

Great Games: Pokemon Platinum, Viewtiful Joe, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

Interests: Animals, Nintendo,

Hatena Goals:

Get faved by 5 great spriters - 2/5 (Bowser & Steven)

Get silver citizenship - LONG way away

Get 1 blue star - N/A

MajinYoshi. I picked that name because I love Yoshi and Vegeta from DBZ, so Majin-Vegeta + Yoshi = MajinYoshi!

I LOVE Pokemon but I can't draw them on a screen(Pixels aren't as good as paper)

I've got an SD card for Christmas so I might make some music flipnotes or improve the quality of my other flipnotes.

More Info When I think of it.

P.S. Thanks for the views & stars! I've reached #7 once in the creator ranking thanks to you all! :D

My Bad Flipnotes:

OK, I made a flipnote called "how to get infinite green stars" and making flipnotes helps to achieve that.

Not Welcome!

These people are unwelcome to see my flipnotes and I have banned them from commenting because the think their flipnotes are epic(when they suck)and think mine suck.(which mostly don't)

epicmaker ellis11 timotai


Anyone who makes a spin off without making changes WILL be reported unless permission is granted or credit is given where nescessary.

Anyone who uses one of my flipnotes(*1)for their icon without permission or significant changes will also be reported.

1-Especially my current or previous icon(s)

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