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Name: Yuri

Age: 14

Gender: Imma dude (TANTANTAAAAAAAAAANN) lol

Country: Brazil

Languages: English, portuguese, and a lil' of spanish

Dream: Anything that involves getting out of Brazil :P

YouTube: AeroMaksDSi

Xbox LIVE Gametag: AeroMaks07


Lets see...I got my DSi around february of 2010, and I just keep playing games in my flash card, like custom robo arena, bleach, and pokemon o3o then around...uh...I rrly dont quite remember...around september of 2010 (I think) I just started to peep in my internet and I searched in the DSi shop (I wus without any points) and found on the free apps FLIPNOTE STUDIO! after I downloaded it I reeeeeeeally sucks! just around 1 month I got it how to use it! if wasnt for SilverWolf for ispiring my drawings you probably wouldnt see me here! Also I sticked with flipnote studio cuz when you enter the internet you'll get a auto DSi upgrade, not letting you use your flashcards :( but i RRLY liked it Flipnote studio!)


In the moment, Ive became a GTA fan (HORRAAAAAAAYY) isnt that funny? ny addiciton to games is like a...a season. after a while I stop playing that game and star with another one, and so on.....

I have San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) but beware! I use ALOT of cleo 3 mods :P

I just bought GTA IV for XBOX 360 (my PC sucks baaaaaaaaad) and I...I just LOVE Euphoria Physics Engine!!! Natural Motion ROCKS!


Now let talk bout my youtube.....what should I post there....wel.....LETS JUST STOP MAKIN DOTS FIRST! oks, im postin there flipnotes! yeah, but those flipnotes that are innapropirate here on hatena! oh yeeeaah. where are the false reporters? oh, wait, there are NONE!


About my older flipnotes, I may be star begging, but that's because when I wus posting my first flips I didnt know whut wus star begging, I thought it wus, like, "ADD STARS PLZZZ IM BEGGING U" like that. Now I wont do it again o3o...( on my old account! )

NOOO Ive deleted flipnote hatena and reinstalled and now...Star reseted...BUT for see my oulder flips just fave me and u will automatically fave...ME (my old account AeroMakuta)

Now...3 flipnotes cancelled cuz I wont post it as a spinoff pple will think its stolen :(


The thing I most love? Computer's Physics Engine. I just...OMG thats just so awesome! I used to have Endorphin, but I deleted, cuz its was a trial....but I just love makin those animations! Euphoria also rocks soooo awesome! its the engine of GTA IV! although they failet at integrating Euphoria engine in GTA IV, cuz the pple are ust TOO clumsy! its like everyone's drunk! STILL ROCKS, still rocks...


Oks, im done! also, I dont have Xbox live gold (yet) but Ill buy...sometime...but I will not come back here to make an edit so heres the date Ive editted this:


oks now GTFO and subcribe me on youtube >:U


THX for reading! I guess....

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