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Hi there!And welcome to my profile!I'm Loveleen,and I absolutely love drawing!If I'm not drawing or reading,then I'm writing or listening to One Direction XD

I love to do a lot of things and I have a lot of hobbies!I really enjoy playing badminton,though I like basketball too!My favourite sport to watch is ice hockey.And in case you didn't know,I'm Canadian eh!LOL,that's a stereotype right there!

I'm usually really easy-going and fun.Though I do tend to fan-girl a bit much!

And if you haven't figured it out by my flips yet,then you should know

I LOVE One Direction!Yep,I'm a Directioner!So if by any chance you become one of my friends,be prepared to handle my extreme fan-girly-ness..... That's not even a word is it?

So to put all that in short I'm Loveleen,a badminton playing Canadian,who's a hockey fan and drawing maniac,and a dedicated Directioner!


DeviantArt: SasuXLove