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My real name is Carter, and my nickname is Mango or Mangonator. I am part of a clan, Decayclan. I like food. It's about the only thing I ever eat. That and humans brains.

For those of you who are like "What the Fudge?" I AM CRAZY!!. I always was and always will be. So if you have no humor, then what are you doing at mah page? (insert crazy face here)

I'm stll trying to find what I do best. I'm impatiant AND have a mild case of OCD, so it's kinda frustrating to sit down and make a flip, finally finish it, and then scrap it because of how much I hate my drawings.

I don't have much friends on flipnote. I had some and we talked for a while, but not much anymore. If you want to chat, then say something interesting on one of my flipnotes. Not just 'k'.

I have pokemon black. Feel free to add me, just make sure I get YOUR friend code too. It is 2279-7320-2727.

Hello, sorry I havn't been making much stuff lately. I have been trying out animation, but it's harder than you would think. At least for a beginner like me.