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Yello ppl my name is Jorge foos dB i love these three games there epic! Mario,Pokemon and Sonic thats why my id is marpokeson. if you were stupid you wouldnt have known that -w- ok here are my friends and my cyber sisters

CYBER SISTERS: FleesVeon, ur the best sis evah in the world! And Nintendraw love yah sis! >w<


Bowsergirl she's really nice and amazing and her O.C growlithe is with my typhlosion

Kinggreen it's the king of the greens dB

trimaster lol she's great! XD

FleesVeon she is my sister friend -w-

Tsquare ..... lol i dont know u much XP

DarkMikU, best budeh ever!!!

Yoshidrawr, he's my yoseh buddy -FT-

Pokemon100, i wouldnt forget meganium :)

KirbyStar, Ur my famous buddy owo

Yuna, belive it! love you buddy d:

Socks, shes a great friend

Ray, have fun with GiGi ewe

Yoshi106, oh how i remember the ypokepower crew -w-

Nintendraw, My Pilet buddy oFTo

Snivy, thx for the help >w<

Darkshine, lickwicks ftw -w-

Jeremy, yay my pizza guy dB

Toast, give me toast :P

Thats all the friends i remember theres still more srry if i forgot you.

I make mostly comedy flips and MV's ←(not rlly anymore 0-0)

LIKES: mario, pokemon,sonic (durrrr :p) kirby, food!, Flipnotes from ppl,friends, pizza stick figures, sprite battles, bomberman and facebook.

DISLIKES:false reporters,star beggers,noobs, musturd (oh how i hate musturd XD mayo, invader zim,Vegies (only like broccoli/potatoes).

Im a BOY if you didnt noticed -w-

lawl i feel alone cause im single now TwT

and thats about it k bye for now :3 -jorge