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A young child on an adventure to show her parents how special she is. :3

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A Strange Demon

A young child on an adventure to show her parents how special she is. :3

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Name- MarZhou

original game-name since 2009


"What do normal think of me? Do they think I'm some other normal teenage girl, who thinks that whatever lies ahead she will make do of? Well, they're half wrong. Yeah, I am some girl. But I am not normal. And I do not wish to be. And I don't make do of for whatever lies in my future. I am known as 'Eccentric'. I create things that may or may not seem so funny..."

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"Unauthorized information is not to be permitted to others unless permission is granted by the user. But the hidden information lost in a God's imagination is beyond even a sane human. And Unfortunatly, it can cause damage to even the purest of Angels, and the filthiest of Demons... But what about both? A demon that is a savior to man; can that demon be harmed? In some user's opinions it will be both, because a God's imagination is to powerful to share raw..."

  • MarZhou

"Let me ask you a simple question. What exactly is 'Heaven'? To you guys, it is just a land beyond the breaches of the universe. Shrouded from even the brightest of the stars, and enveloped in the purest of clouds. From there, you will be greeted by your most loved ones, and journey into the Gates of God, where He will meet you in prayer. That is what you guys think. In my OWN opinion, that is half wrong. Instead, in my opinion, you will venture into your deepest mind and imagination, where it cannot be destroyed easily. What you think is 'Heaven' is what your mind will transfor into your desires before your fate. That your 'Heaven' will only project what you thought it was. Course', does this mean there is also a 'Hell'? Have you even realised what your own 'Hell' really was? Well, guess what... It's your mind, too..."


Sex: Cow

Age: *See above*

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 113.5 lbs

Job: Animation Artist and Anime/Realistic Artwork

(For the perverts and stalkers. Don't worry; I have friends of them)

www.MarZhou.deviantart.com :D

www.MZAlpha.Tumblr.com :D

www.OrganizationOfTheGuild.weebly.com (currently in progress)

www.ZProductions.wikispaces.com(currently in progress)


Try and guess... >:3



Blood type

I do not know... I don't know how to...


Realistic Anime Animation Artist; Anime/Realistic Anime Artist


Lincoln High School, CA


Current language: English