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Oh hai, I'm lolli :D I decided to update this. Sorry for not posting, you see I'm lazy with my flipnotes so I'll probably only post monthly xD yay summer's almost here, I'll probably post more in the summer. And yay 2,000+ fans x3 thanks you guys! I'm glad u ppl like my flips. :3 I hope you like the ones that are to come in the near future as well owo Wanna watch me on DeviantArt?

and I decided to keep mah friends' list from a long time ago, I dun wanna forget mah friends.

My friends on Flipnote Hatena:

kutie101(BFOH!) Bluevamp, Flare(BLAZE), Elizabeth, Legendlevi, goku82, tracy pie, Wonkanerdz, Moleyfox, EliFox, roku, Moonshadow(Dani), dunbun, Tori, CBF, ShadicaTM, Machenna,Did I forget anyone??????I feel like I missed someone!Srry if I forgot someone but yeah..I love my friends!!!!!You guys are awesome!!!!!By the way if you don't see your name up here then I must've forgotten you and i don't update this very often so you won't see your name for a while.And yeah...I think that's it....So BYE!