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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel, I joined hatena since it first came here in the U.s. on day one, you could say i might be the first Anthony in the world of flipnotes

I made my own original characters, they are stick figures, Sheldon who has a big mono brow and likes to read books written by his favorite author Anthony, Sheldon's age is currently unknown but he has a drivers license so he should be at least 16 (he has his own house), The only job known job Sheldon had was being a taxi driver, of course, this could just be me saying this then you'll all be like "Sheldon was a taxi driver"

Mr.Randoms is well........ he has a huge buck-tooth that can talk, he is also the inventor of the cheese magnet, it's a magnet that can attract cheese and apparently also the moon, Mr.Randoms age is also currently unknown as well, but since his name is Mr.Randoms, it could mean he could be at least 16 as well, speaking of name, notice how his is "MR".Randoms, meaning he could have a first name and everyone just calls him by his last name, or I could be just saying this to confuse your minds, Mr Randoms home is nowhere to be seen, but it could be that he lives with Sheldon, but in "With a tooth" he said "what are you doing in my HOUSE!!!!!" meaning that Mr.Randoms somehow keeps breaking into Sheldon's house,

Scary face, these things are little red faces things that laugh I suppose, there's more than one of them as seem in some of my flipnotes, it got it's name for scary me when I was getting some orange juice, i made him on the spot, because using Justin Bieber would have been so overused and I didn't know who to put in that flipnote. Scary Face also appears in my Sheldon And Mr.Randoms flipnotes most of the time.

Easter Bunny, nothing really is known about this character, it's a rabbit that has a zipper on it's back, though he's appearing in more of my flipnotes

???????: a new character I am working on for my new series, I'm just going to say this about him He may be small, but he can control a "giANT" robot. this could take a while, but I promise that this series will be revealed by the end of 2011, I can also say this, Mr.Randoms was actually going to be in this series as a main character, but he was cut out when the story went from humans to formicidae family

Now info about me :)

Name: Anthony C???????? JR

Age: 18

Grade: 12

Likes: Making flipnotes, drawing, making movies, video games, AVGN, Cartoons,

Dislikes: School, the troubles on hatena, people who are jerks, Justin Bieber, when Megaman Legends 3 got cancelled :(

When i get older, I want to go make movies that are not bad and also might want to act and make animations

I could add more to this, but I'll stop right here