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Hello to all reading this, I'm MarioMan99! I've tried getting a Hatena account twice and now that I have one, I'm very happy! I have a 3DS, a DSiXL, a Wii, sometimes I have two Xbox360S and a Kinect, and a DS Lite! I like Dragon Ball Z stuff, Mario, and Sonic! Oh, also I love sprite fights! Is anybody taking sprite requests? If you ARE please get tell me! I would appreciate it! Also, I'm real life buddies with 'immakorean' and 'chibi-neko'! Please look at their flips! I AM A ROCKAHOLIC! Oh, and one more thing... I LIKE TRAINS!!!!!

IMPORT REQUEST: PLEASE, IMPORTERS!! Please import: down, R, up, X, right, L, Y, B, left, left!!! Please, and thank you!! Oh, also, I love Breaking Benjamin!! If you do to put the following in your profile (If you want to)!









UPCOMING FLIPNOTES (Written on 7/6/12)