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Describe myself....ummm... I like potatoes O.O jk. For starters I have blue eyes and super wavy hair, but if my hair's short, it's curly at the ends. I'm 5'3, was on cross country girls JV (I was part of the slow people XD), going to be on the track team orz... and 14 years old. And last but not least, I love starbucks and coffee (there's a difference) :P I also draw much better in the real world than on that tiny screen. Check my DA for proof.

Wanna RP with me? :D Here you go:

Update: 3/6/11 (>'A')>

I've been posting on my new deviant and now that I've started reading Hetalia (addicted) I can't get it out of my head. What is it about Hetalia that makes it so awesome? I even roleplay as Romano on facebook...hehe. I know, I've officially gone insane. Slowly working on a few flipnotes, but it's hard to do it on the tiny screen. Anyway, Masi out.