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Think whatever you want to think but I AM NOT FALSE REPORTING ANYONE!!!! There's only been a few people that I have reported and that was because they were harassing me and saying inappropriate things and Hatena banned them for a week a couple of times. They wouldn't have banned them if they hadn't broken the rules. I am barely on Hatena any more but I am (and my parents) are getting tired of all of the emails blaming me for false reporting people that I haven't reported. You have to look somewhere else because it isn't me!




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Sunny Southern California

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Flipnote Citizen (Bronze)

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Like to play the Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart the most, work on my computer and spend time with my family and friends at the beach or in my pool in the summer, go dirt biking in the winter.


Games liked Wii / Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL
Characters liked Luigi
Animals liked Frog / Fish / Dogs
Food liked Bacon